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Eye Emergencies

Eye Emergencies

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We can take care of all of your eye health needs in one location. You already rely on your optometrist for things like routine eye exams, contact lenses, and eyeglasses. However, you can also visit them in cases of: 

  • Itchy, irritated, or red eyes 
  • Pink eye and other bacterial infections 
  • Removing foreign bodies from your eyes 
  • Eye allergies or burns 
  • Needing emergency eye care 

This is both convenient and cost effective for your entire family and you. It also ensures that you get the attention of an eye care specialist immediately. 

Eye Emergencies 

In case you experience any eye emergencies, we are always around to help you.  Our office offers emergency services for eye infections, eye injuries, and various eye emergencies. We have state of the art technology which allows us to examine your eyes inside and out for damage and infection. We offer medical attention in emergencies such as: 

Eye infections, Foreign bodies in the eye, Eye trauma, Scratched eyes, Sudden vision loss, Lost or broken contacts and eyeglasses, Visual abnormalities, Red eyes, Painful eyes, Dislodged contacts, Irritated eyes. 

Studies show that numerous eye issues that are brought to the emergency room could easily be treated by an eye doctor. It is not always necessary to go to the ER for eye health emergencies. Optometrists are equipped to treat most common eye issues. 

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, you require immediate care. Please contact us to set up an evaluation so your eye issues can be resolved quickly. Many eye issues seem benign at first, but can lead to damage if left untreated. This is why it is so important to be vigilant about your eye health. 

Foreign Body Removal 

There are many different things that can be considered a foreign body in the eye. These include eyelashes, sawdust, sand, or dirt. When something is stuck in the eye that should not be there, it can lead to irritation and pain. While some are not that threatening to the eye, if a foreign body stuck in the eye is very sharp it can lead to serious eye injuries.  

Foreign objects in the eye can also spark and inflammatory cascade, resulting in dilation of the surrounding vessels and edema of the lids, conjunctiva, and cornea. While some go away with no issues, others can cause infections.  

If something is stuck in your eye for more than a few hours, you need to stop all attempts to remove it yourself. Your eyes are sensitive and if something is stuck, you don’t want to push it deeper into your eye and cause damage by accident. Depending on the severity, you may need to go to an eye doctor or the emergency room.  

Some foreign bodies, including grit, can be easily removed by rinsing the eye with water or delicately wiping it away. If this doesn’t work, your doctor may numb your eye and try to remove the grit with a small metal instrument.  

Sometimes, foreign bodies get stuck underneath the upper eyelid. This can make them hard to get out on your own and lead to scratches on the surface of your eye. In these cases, your doctor may need to turn your eyelid inside out to remove the irritant.  

After the anesthetic eye drops your doctor uses to numb your eye wear off, your eye may feel a bit uncomfortable. If the foreign body irritated or scratched your eye, you may feel some discomfort until your eye heals. You can minimize damage like this by visiting an eye care professional as soon as possible. If you do nothing to remove the foreign body safely it can result in vision loss, premature cataracts, and retina damage.


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